Gallery Paule Anglim will move to summer hours for the months of July and August, and will present Time Travel, a summer show featuring works that address our relationship to the past and memory.

Ala Ebtekar's light box works treat the present as a future version of the past.  Colter Jacobsen distills past experience into objects and works on paper, allowing different measures for tracking time. One can see that Ken Graves' collage works are modern, or contemporary- but from which decade?  His use of found reproductions provide a mashup of history and mores.  Ruby Neri's paintings and sculptures, unmistakable as works of today,  give a respectful nod to  post-War California traditions of paint and clay.

Time Travel

    Ala Ebtekar

    Colter Jacobsen

    Ken Graves

    Ruby Neri

July 7 through August 15, 2015