How to Write an Art Research Paper: Tips & Ideas

Art research paper writing is an intellectual activity that requires a complete understanding to attain good results. You are generally required to have specific knowledge in writing different academic assignments if you are an Art student. This rule applies whether you are majoring in Art History, Fine Arts, or Performing Arts.

Knowing how to write essays, analyses, reviews, and research papers on art is a must for the degree you’re looking to attain. This article will give you a good understanding of art research, how to write the paper, and topic ideas for inspiration.

Understanding the concept of art research: What is art research?

Art research is research that, in one way or another, defines art as its object. However, it can also offer an aim and a premise for research, including a motive, context, terrain, and a range of methods. Art research describes the research framework as merely reducing art to a study’s subject matter.

Experts typically do this type of research in various art fields, such as visual art research. Meanwhile, it is only considered research when done within a critical art community.

Like a scientific community, the art community defines, renews, and shapes the criteria for its research practices and framework. As such, art research and scientific research are comparable; art research constitutes its research form among various other forms.

How to research art galleries for your research paper

To write an art research paper, you will need to research different works of art in art galleries. To do that, you first need to gather the artwork’s tombstone information – all the information about the artwork. This includes the title, artist, date or approximate date, origin, and artwork medium. Then, list what other information you need for the paper and why you need it; this helps narrow down your research.

Next, know where the art gallery is located; art galleries usually have websites where you can get detailed information about their location. In researching an artwork, researching the artist is paramount if you want a good grasp of your chosen work.

Tips and ideas on how to write an art research paper

Art research paper writing is similar to the research-based, analytical papers you may have written in history or English courses. However, the difference in this type of writing is that the primary documents you will be analyzing are works of art. Here are some tips and ideas on how to write a well thought-out and thoroughly researched art research paper:

  • Choose the right topic, considering your knowledge of the topic or at least an interest in it. We recommend choosing a specific Art topic that will engage university undergraduates to complete academic research products.
  • Next, brainstorm ideas that you can include in your paper and list keywords as you do. Ensure you use credible sources of information directly related to your topic.
  • Create an outline to help you finish the paper faster and ensure essential information is included.
  • Draft your first paper, starting with the introduction, including your thesis statement, body paragraphs, and conclusion.
  • Review and read through the paper, proofread, and edit it; you can do this yourself or, better still, have fresh eyes look at them.

Great art research topics for inspiration

Creating art research questions is a great way to develop a good topic for your paper. Below are some ideas for art research topics to jumpstart your work and provide inspiration.

Art education research topics

  1. Art education: long-term effects on students
  2. Effect of art education on cognitive development
  3. Art education teachers: good practices to cultivate
  4. New technologies to improve art classes
  5. How does art affect overall academic performance?

Art research paper topics

  1. Modern art
  2. Modern European art: influence on American artists
  3. Art and feminism
  4. Art in Nazi Germany
  5. Art and culture

Art therapy research topics

  1. The purpose of art therapy: understanding the process
  2. Are there healing possibilities in art therapy?
  3. Art therapy treatment for substance abuse
  4. Art therapy and depression
  5. Art’s importance in daily life

Research topics about art ancient civilizations

  1. The purpose of writing in ancient art history
  2. Ancient civilizations: impact on art history
  3. The Incas: their influence on modern art
  4. Religion and culture: what role did they play in Aztec art
  5. Mayan culture’s influence on modern architecture


Writing a good art research paper means you have to do scientific writing on a chosen topic. The process can be tricky and confusing if this is your first time, but you only need guidelines, which we’ve provided.

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